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Butterflies Silk Scarf
27th May 2019
Kate Martins Silk Scarf - Butterflies Pink
Butterflies Silk Scarf (Long)
23rd August 2019
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Kerry Raindrops Silk Scarf (Long)


Embrace the ethereal beauty of our Kerry Raindrops Silk Scarf. Crafted from premium silk, this exquisite accessory features a mesmerizing design inspired by raindrops cascading gently upon delicate fabric. With its subtle yet captivating pattern and luxurious feel, this scarf adds a touch of charm to any outfit. Perfect for draping over your shoulders or tying around your neck, the Raindrops Silk Scarf effortlessly captures the essence of grace and sophistication, making it a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

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Kerry Raindrops Silk Scarf captures the moment after a light rain shower.
Silk Scarf size 40cm x 200cm.

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Silk Style

Satin Silk


Navy, Turquoise